The word “sustainability” can mean a lot of different things. To us, it represents two core values of our business: community impact (locally and worldwide) and transparency (a clear chain of custody). We achieve these core values in the following ways.

  • All D&H Sustainable Jewelers precious metals are reclaimed:
    • We purchase gold, silver, platinum, and more salvaged from the millions of tons of electronic waste (cell phones and computers) and spent industrial materials (auto and industrial waste) generated worldwide annually
    • This helps us avoid newly mined gold – gold mines produce tons of mine waste to procure just an ounce of gold (often in ecologically sensitive areas, such as the Amazon Rainforest)
  • Diamonds and gemstones from community-focused, ethical origins:
    • We visited the African nation of Botswana and the Jwaneng diamond mine, one of the top producing gem-quality diamond mines in the world. As a result of our travels and painstakingly built relationships, we have built a direct connection from Botswana and its communities to D&H. We know our gems come from an ethical origin.
    • Botswana mines employ local people. The diamonds are also cut and polished locally.
    • The tribal government of Botswana owns and operates the diamond mines, so the wealth supports the citizens of Botswana and protects the land (nearly 20 percent of the country is preserved for wildlife reserves, national parks, and nature reserves)
    • Botswanan citizens are given free land, access to free, high-quality healthcare, and free education through college anywhere in the world
  • Up-Cycled diamonds and gemstones:
    • Our gemology department hand selects post-consumer diamonds and colored gemstones based on our high standards of quality
    • These stones are often antique and vintage, exhibiting rare and unique shapes and colors
    • As they are repurposed, there is no direct environmental impact in sourcing these materials
  • Colored gemstones and sapphires are bought directly from small, owner-operated mines with total transparency of origin
    • They are purchased from certified Fair Trade sources with clear chains of custody from mining to cutting and polishing
    • Many of our gemstones are cut by local lapidaries here in San Francisco
  • D&H Jewelers supports community.
    • Whether made by our team of jewelers or by one of our local designers, each piece of jewelry is painstakingly crafted by hand
    • When you shop at D&H, you are directly supporting a community of artists, designers, metalsmiths, and experts in our trade. These people are your friends and neighbors, and are a crucial part of what keeps our community diverse and vibrant.