Wine Bar

We are proud to feature a rotating selection of small batch artisan wines at our mezzanine level wine bar. Sip on a glass of our in-house proprietary blend or something from one of our featured winemakers as part of the D&H Jewelers experience. With the hope of broadening our palates and yours, we hand-select a unique offering of wines from innovative and conscious producers. 

Full wine menu available Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Current Featured Winery: Broc Cellars

Broc cellars is an ideal fit for our wine bar. This is not only because they feature thoughtful and approachable wines in the realm of lighter reds and interesting whites, but also because of their mindset of regenerative agriculture. One way is using something called spontaneous fermentation, a process that uses only the native yeasts and bacteria present on the vines for fermentation (changing sugar to alcohol). Using over 95% grapes grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and little to no added sulphur makes for an exceptionally unique and clean expression of the grapes. All of this is to say that Broc Cellars makes some delicious natural wines!