Jewelry Spotlight- Rings From Outer Space

Meteorite Bands
At D&H it is our passion to curate and design distinctive collections of jewelry. Rings made from meteorite– genuine meteorite from Outer Space—are amongst some of our most unique pieces. Not only does meteorite jewelry have an incredible back-story, the meteorite itself embodies a striking natural beauty.

Meteors have fallen to Earth for billions of years. Those that have survived have been discovered and used by ancient civilizations to make tools and weapons. Meteorite was even highly prized in ancient Egypt (“iron from the sky”), and national news was recently made when a meteorite dagger was discovered in the tomb of King Tut.

The Gibeon meteorite, one of the world’s finest specimens, landed in what is now Namibia, Africa. It is approximately four billion years old, and it is what we use in our collection of meteorite rings. Gibeon meteorite is comprised primarily of iron, but also contains small amounts of nickel, cobalt, and phosphorus. Its distinctive crystalline structure was created as these elements cooled during the meteor’s formation in Outer Space.

At D&H, sheets of Gibeon meteorite are milled into an inlay within a precious metal ring. The cool grey color of the meteorite is a beautiful compliment to platinum, rose, and yellow golds alike. Each ring is tailor-made to order and the perfect choice for an alternative style wedding band. We encourage you to stop by the D&H showroom to explore the feel and exciting design options for a truly out of this world ring.