Wine Bar

We are proud to feature a rotating selection of small batch artisan wines at our mezzanine level wine bar. Sip on a glass of our in-house proprietary blend or something from one of our featured winemakers as part of the D&H Jewelers experience. With the hope of broadening our palates and yours, we hand-select a unique offering of wines from innovative and conscious producers. 

Full wine menu available Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Current Featured Winery: Harrington Wines

California is comprised of a multitude of micro-climates perfect for nurturing a myriad of grape species. With over 10,000 known grape varietals, it begs the question, how have we become surrounded by a choice few? Bryan Harrington has built his winery, Harrington Wines, on addressing this question. A native San Franciscan and artist turned winemaker, Bryan has worked closely with growers around Northern California and the Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis to nurture and cultivate lesser known grapes. The FPC brings in grape cuttings from Italy and Bryan makes and barrels his wines here in San Francisco. Corvina, Negrette, Mission and Charbono are just a few of the grapes that Bryan offers. These varietals not only thrive and increase biodiversity, but make delicious, light, and approachable wines.