The Rarest Diamonds On Earth

“A Diamond is Forever.” Possibly one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns of all time. Created by De Beers in the 1930’s this one small phrase created the foundation for one of our society’s most powerful symbols of love and commitment: the diamond engagement ring. When you think of an engagement ring, what do you […]

The Allure of the Old Mine Cut

At D&H Jewelers we are always hunting for rare and unique materials to inspire our designs. Photographed above, each one of our signature solitaire pendants is set with a one-of-a-kind gem from our treasure box of stones. A staple of this collection is the Old Mine Cut diamond. As they are some of our very […]

October Jewelry Style Edit- Raw Tourmaline

Tourmaline in it’s raw form needs little embellishment to make a piece of jewelry stand out. This rainbow colored gem is our pick of the month, and it is also October’s modern birthstone! Tourmaline grows on almost every continent on Earth and is known for having multiple energetic healing properties. The necklace, bracelet, and ring […]

D&H Presents The Ring Project

It’s an all too common conundrum: what does one do with the jewelry from a relationship that’s run its course? Marirose Piciucco was in the midst of a difficult divorce and struggling with this same question. After grappling with whether to re-sell her wedding rings or just outright throw them in the ocean, Marirose realized […]

D&H Sustainability Glossary

Botswana Diamonds Botswana is a Sub-Saharan African nation with some of the world’s top-producing diamond mines. Because the tribal government of Botswana maintains a 50% ownership stake in the mines, the wealth that the mines generate is distributed back to the country’s citizens in the form of universal benefits such as free healthcare, land, and […]