D&H Presents The Ring Project

It’s an all too common conundrum: what does one do with the jewelry from a relationship that’s run its course? Marirose Piciucco was in the midst of a difficult divorce and struggling with this same question. After grappling with whether to re-sell her wedding rings or just outright throw them in the ocean, Marirose realized that the real emotional cleansing she sought could come through helping other women less fortunate than her. The notion that her old jewelry could be the catalyst for real positive change in other women’s lives- women who faced far deeper problems than her own- was what allowed Marirose to move on from the past and find both strength and new hope.

Thus, the Ring Project was born. Now a Berkeley-based non-profit organization affecting real change in the world, the funds from rings donated to the organization go directly towards women’s civil initiatives in the Congo. Marirose and her founding partner, Amanda Schwartz, who herself has a background in humanitarian aid, have spent time in the region and have seen first-hand how Congolese women are up against unimaginable circumstances surrounding war, poverty and oppression. The mission of their organization is to support transparent locally run development projects in the Congo, as well as funding scholarships towards Congolese women’s empowerment and education.

D&H Jewelers is now proud to be a partner in The Ring Project through our purchase of donated jewelry items in order to help fund this incredible organization. In alignment with our core value of sustainability through the repurposing of metals and diamonds, The Ring Project provides us with a source for the raw materials we use in our jewelry. We have already begun production on our first collection of jewelry using these materials and in turn have been able to fund a number of Congolese women’s scholarships.

To date, The Ring Project has received dozens of jewelry donations almost entirely through word of mouth. If you or someone you know are interested in finding out more about the donation process or the organization in general, please visit http://www.theringproject.org.

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